ClearCorrect™ clear aligners—which look very similar to teeth whitening trays—are a new, subtle form of bite correction. They let you avoid the metallic look of traditional braces and you can remove them whenever you need to!

Clear CorrectIn addition to your overall oral health, our office is committed to giving you a beautiful smile that you can be proud of. For many people, a straight set of teeth is a cornerstone of self-confidence. We understand that straightening your teeth with traditional metal braces can seem like a daunting and unappealing way to get a nicer smile, which is why we have decided to offer more attractive alternatives to patients with mild to moderate orthodontic cases.

What Is ClearCorrect™?

ClearCorrect™ works by using a series of aligners that push crooked teeth into place. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send it off to a lab where your individualized aligners are made. You only wear each set for a few weeks and you’ll get new pairs of aligners at every checkup appointment.

ClearCorrect™ has three options for your orthodontic treatment:

  • Limited 6 (six aligners to complete treatment)
  • Limited 12 (12 aligners to complete treatment)
  • Unlimited (as many aligners as necessary)

Each pair of aligners will take you closer to your cosmetic goals. For most patients, it takes about a year on average to get their desired smile. Your dentist or orthodontist can tell you the approximate length of your treatment before you get started. It all depends on how complex your individual case is.

ClearCorrect™ vs. Other Clear Aligners

ClearCorrect™ has a couple of advantages over other brands of clear aligners. ClearCorrect™ aligners extend over the gum line, which helps apply more force with greater leverage. This means they require fewer engagers and are therefore less intrusive than other systems. ClearCorrect™ also offers “limited” treatment options, which can treat simple cases more affordably than other systems. Other than these differences, ClearCorrect™ and other brands of clear orthodontics are virtually the same in form and function.

Procedure Overview

Some stubborn teeth have a harder time shifting and need extra help. A ClearCorrect™ engager (also known as an attachment) is a small bump of bonding resin that we can temporarily put on a tooth to help the aligner make contact. Better aligner contact puts more pressure on the tooth, ensuring it will shift with the rest of your teeth.

When placing engagers, we adhere to a conservative process with a focus on maintaining your smile’s aesthetics. We use a tooth-colored material that blends with your smile and that is easily removable without shots or drilling.

To ensure the greatest possible result for your new smile and to avoid a prolonged and more costly process, you need to wear your clear aligners for most of the day, including when you sleep. Dentists recommend wearing your ClearCorrect™ aligners for around 22 hours a day. The only times you should take them off are to eat, drink, brush or floss. You can also remove them for special occasions, but you need to keep track of how long you have your aligners off and make sure you remember to put them back on! The convenience of removable orthodontics can be a blessing, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t stay on top of your treatment.

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